A necessary break

I moved about ten or so boxes of stuff into the new place, but I still have plenty more to go before this month is over. I’d say that’s a pretty powerful reminder that Brianne and I have a lot of stuff, that moving is quite difficult, and that time goes far more quickly when there’s a limited amount of it to accomplish things. Says the guy who is playing WoW while he writes this.

What I’ve discovered is this: all the good intentions and changes to my schedule can’t actually make balancing this move with writing any easier. I know, I know. That sounds an awful lot like an excuse. It probably isn’t much more than just that, but here are my thoughts on the matter.

My next novel project, which remains unnamed as of now, and any short stories I want to get to writing aren’t going to receive the attention they need, for the lengths of time they need it, while I’m busy finding time to move stuff from current dwelling to new dwelling. The only way I could really give any creative writing the attention it deserves is by using the time I normally set aside for sleeping, eating, and personal grooming. None of those things can actually be cut out of my day-to-day without a risk of serious harm to myself or others. There’s also the not-so-small-matter of me being quite behind on proofreading, so I’d feel quite guilty about doing my own writing before tending to that.

You might say, “But Phil, you found time for video games. Why not time for writing?” This is a fair question, I’ll admit. However, it’s pretty easy to counter with “I moved over half a dozen large, heavy boxes full of miscellaneous personal belongings from my current house, which requires travel up and down stairs and an awkward hill, to my new apartment”. It means I’m made of sleepiness and laziness right now. I know I’ll be like this up until the move’s complete.

Yet here I am, still churning along with the hundred days of blogging. At some point I should check what day I’m on, probably.

For now, however, I’m okay with taking a short break from creative writing. Maybe I’ll return super-charged and ready to go? Related to that super-charged comment: I’m still debating what to use my Warlords of Draenor 90 Boost on.

And dreading how badly my current graphics card will handle the new expansion.

10 thoughts on “A necessary break

  1. World of Warcraft is the bane of so many writers. I assure you that you are not alone. I, too, struggle in this valiant fight, but alas, I can only offer you a few words: For the Horde!!!

    • I’ve only recently tried my hand at soloing Wrath content (my DPS as Affliction was always a bit sub-par at its best, but I switched to Destro recently and that seems to have helped), and so that occupies chunks of time each week. That and trying for the other Binding of the Windseeker (damn it, Garr).

      Also, you spelled Alliance wrong. An understandable error.

      • I’ve been able to solo quite a bit with my warrior. Naxx was easy, but I needed a healer and one more DPS for Icecrown. That’s pretty much all I have done. I didn’t see the point in doing the dungeons too much other than for rep.

      • I just realized that you meant this reply for someone else. I was wondering why you were telling me this, but I replied anyway. Lol.

  2. No, it was directed at you. Unless you meant that about the Alliance comment. Otherwise, I tend to be quite chatty about WoW when the topic comes up.

    I’ve done Obsidian Sanctum, Ruby Sanctum, Naxx, Eye of Eternity, and Onyxia’s Lair. I can’t quite get through Loot Ship in ICC, and dread doing so because I’m sure the later encounters are a pain. Planning on doing 25-man Obsidian Sanctum for the mount, as I haven’t yet acquired it. Happy writing, and try to not let WoW distract you too much.

  3. Sometimes there aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done that you would like – writing is always fun and I enjoy reading all of the posts with the subject matter of World of Warcraft. Currently, I am spending a whole lot more time in the game leveling alts, getting 90s geared for the new expansion, so, my writing tends to pay the price by not really getting it done in any kind of regular schedule.

    Hang in there, get your move done and I am sure that we will all look forward to many more posts from you in the future.

    • I’m trying to figure out what class to use my Level 90 boost I got from Warlords on. I mostly play my Warlock, but I’ve leveled a Mage a bit and a Shaman a bit. I had a Warrior at one point, but tanking and I don’t seem to get along.

      Thanks for the kind words! Have fun leveling, and happy writing.

      • Since you have already tried out the casters and a melee character, it seems like a fun one might even be a hunter of some race or other. I do prefer elves but I am more than a bit biased with that. My son had always played a melee or even a druid, however, I had him try out a hunter that he has long gotten to 90 that he has really enjoyed. It’s just a thought.

  4. Indeed it would. I just wish that the bow in there was one that we can use for transmog. Maybe some day it will be and we actually get to enjoy the bow. It’s such a nice looking bow too. Good luck.

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