Banishing the troubles of the universe

And some other things. I’ll focus on the bigger topic first before I throw the real surprise out into the world, as it’s not really as substantial as I’d like just yet.

The good outweighed the bad yesterday. I would say it was an entirely terrible day, but there were enough redeeming qualities that I can’t damn all twenty-four hours for the transgressions of only a few. It was, however, enough to leave me feeling flustered and frustrated, stuck in a state devoid of creative thoughts. Such occasions are usually rectified with a healthy dose of my usual stubbornness, but not so much last night.

Before heading to bed, I posted this status:

I have resolved to make tomorrow a significantly better day than today. No over-the-top threats of violence, nor sarcasm to that statement. Just the conscious decision to not be affected by whatever stupid-assery the universe throws my way.

Reminder: I work in retail, and so this was a rather lofty goal. I’m also not always the most positive person in the world (a statement so obvious it’s painful). Keeping that in mind, I went to bed with every intention of making today superior to yesterday by will of not letting the universe ruin my perfectly good mood.

I woke up feeling well-rested, got ready, and headed to work. No customer, nor technical issue, would impact my aggressively good mood. I survived my work day, got home, and took a somewhat-needed nap (I said I was going to make it a good day, but I never said I’d somehow be headache-proof). I made a simple dinner of lightly-seasoned egg noodles with some broccoli and cauliflower mixed in, and then was pleasantly surprised to find out a copy of Big Hero 6 had been dropped off. As much as I want to buy a copy, I’m putting it off because rent needs to be paid and so on. For those of you who haven’t seen it, it’s fantastic. Not a second of screen-time wasted.

Given how late it is at the time of writing this post, I can say my efforts at not being affected by any exterior negativity has been a huge success. I’d actually go so far as to say it keeps my mind open to the development and spontaneous appearance of new ideas. That leads me into the next bit of exciting news.

HBO has a writing fellowship. Submissions are open on March 4th, and the entry requirements include a thirty minute to hour-long screenplay, teleplay, or play…something I don’t have complete. However, today provided me with a conversation that lead to an idea that could turn into a screenplay. I plan on working on that idea for next year’s submissions, if it does happen again (which seems likely). This doesn’t mean I’ll be halting other projects, of course, but working on one more thing. This would obviously be a huge victory for me if I somehow were chosen to participate in such an amazing process.

If anyone from the HBO fellowship program reads this, I’m putting you on notice: I’ll be a contender for one of next year’s spots, that’s for sure, if not one of the selected. Going to make it happen.

Tomorrow is my day off, which means it’ll be a day of writing and relaxing, not necessarily in equal parts, and enjoying the pleasant aftermath of an entirely positive. Sleep seems like a good idea for now.

I hope everyone else found themselves having a good Thursday, or that Friday is at least a good foil to any bad Thursdays that happened.

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