A notebook in need

Today was a remarkably good day off. I accomplished everything I planned on accomplishing, got a bit of rest and relaxation in, and had a generally fantastic day. Not even the smallest level of stress registered in my brain, which is a rarity anymore. A new episode of Elementary starts in twenty minutes, and I’ve got some cooking to do for people who are blackmailing me (nothing actually serious, so don’t rush to alert the authorities), so it looks like my evening will end pretty nicely as well. The only thing that wasn’t entirely perfect is this weird fascination I’ve developed with the creepy, cheesy nonsense that is Five Nights At Freddy’s and its sequels.

Damn you, Springtrap. Stop haunting my every waking moment. 


So, tonight’s post is a simple one, and it’s mostly calling on you–the reader–to do most of the legwork. But Phil, you might say, that seems awfully lazy.

You’d be mostly right, actually, as it does feel awfully lazy indeed. However, I am at a loss as to what to do with this new, green Moleskine notebook I bought today. Yes, I’m aware I have posted about how many unused notebooks I have presently, and that to add more to their number is ridiculous. Don’t judge me, damn it.

How could you say no to a beautiful notebook like this? Only if you're a monster.

How could you say no to a beautiful notebook like this? Only if you’re a monster.

What would you folks say the best use for such a lovely, green notebook such as this one would be? Or uses, of course. Should I try to get all artsy and decorate it with Duck Tape featuring fun prints? Should I leave it as is?

Leave your suggestions in the comments below and we’ll see just how much fun can be had with this one notebook.

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