The Evolution of the On Screen Superhero

I have one of the single-most wretched, God-awful headaches tonight, and so this installment in One Hundred Days of Blogging 2.0 is a lazy reblog of my first editorial on Keep an eye on that site for some excellent content (as well as more of my pop culture nonsense).


Superheroes in mass-consumed media, specifically movies and television, have evolved a good deal from their on-the-page comic book roots. From early incarnations with largely comical natures to their modern counterparts that have the capacity to be dark and gritty as well as light-hearted and humorous, the superhero genre has seen a lot of change and growth. Not all of this growth turned out well, but that’s where the magic of rebooting a franchise could always be worked. Oscar wins for movies like Big Hero 6 speak volumes for the current state of these movies, and so it’s important to take a look back and see exactly what paved the way for the modern superhero epic, both in film and on television.

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