Delightfully decorated notebooks

I’ve got a delightful, fun plan for the next two weeks worth of blog posts. I’m really quite excited about my idea, and to celebrate that I figured I would start tonight’s post by teasing a bit. Sorry. No hints nor clues nor spoilers to be found. You’ll all just have to wait.

This is something of a good news, bad news sort of post. I started the day with a set of goals that I only sort of completed. Some of them happened, some of them didn’t, and some of them happened in ways not intended.

The goal I’m referencing with that last bit is this: I have a green Moleskine notebook. The one I posted about recently, asking what I should do with it. Well, I thought I would try to figure out what to do with it on my own, too, and see how that goes. I ended up fancying up a couple of my Moleskines with Duck Tape brand duct tape instead, which turned out to be far more therapeutic and enjoyable than I could have possibly imagined. Read as “Phil has a new, expensive-ish hobby and that’s probably not the best thing in the world but whatever”. 

Here’s the first notebook I worked on. It’s one of the plain, black Moleskine notebooks I got for Christmas.


Adding images to my Media Library via my phone usually means a lot of goofy resizing to make the picture less gigantic and awful.

And the materials…

Duck Tape with all sorts of delightful owls and Scotch Expressions with an awesome amusement park sort of scene.

Duck Tape with all sorts of delightful owls and Scotch Expressions with an awesome amusement park sort of scene.

I’m actually really pleased with the outcome, which turned out like this (and by like this I mean this is the outcome, obviously)…

An owl-musement park? I'm not even a little sorry.

An owl-musement park? I’m not even a little sorry.

I initially planned on having the bottom portions covered with the Scotch Expressions and the top covered with the owls, but I considered how the amusement park stuff is semi-transparent. The owl-print became the bottom layer, with the Scotch Expressions applied on top of it. The end result, which isn’t perfectly visible in that picture, is owls visible beneath the amusement park scenery. I’m really pleased with how it turned out, which means I’ll need to decorate more notebooks in the future. The only downfall I really ran into here was not being able to really deal with the elastic bands that close Moleskine notebooks, so I ended up cutting them off. It was painful, but necessary.

These may not have been how I planned on spending my night, but I’m certainly pleased with how this diversion turned out.


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