Happy Throat-Punch Day

Disclaimer: I have, in the past, been guilty of indulging in one or two April Fool’s Day pranks. My mother can confirm that I once called her, convincing her I’d dropped out of college and would need picked up from my apartment as I was being evicted for no longer being a student. My memory’s a little hazy, but I’m pretty confident the phrase “you’re an asshole” was involved in her response in some way or another. Deservedly so, I should add.

If you felt so inclined to prank someone today, I hope it was in good fun and nothing too harmful (preferably not harmful at all, really).

I promised myself I’d write more of a post, but I spent my morning cleaning and my evening at work, and 7a.m. will be here far too soon.

Given this laziness, I feel a preview is in order: I plan on writing about my thoughts on Tidal, adding to the thousands of other voices on this topic because why not?

PS: I’m actually a velociraptor who learned how to type words in a way that comes across as a convincing portrayal of a youngish writer who enjoys scotch. Hurr hurr hurr; April Fool’s. I’m actually just a jackass.

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