Hello WordPress, my old friend

I’ve come to post on you again.

I’m not even a little sorry for that. Nope. Newcomers: I’m definitely sorry for that, but it’s been a long week and I just don’t have it in me to pretend I’m more than a golem constructed from bad jokes, neuroses, and the occasional good idea. I got briefly distracted because I made the mistake of trying to refresh my Facebook while working on this post…only to discover my WiFi has once again crapped all over itself. Thanks, Comcast. Forever holding your products to the lowest standards.

Diversions aside, I hope you’ve all had a lovely summer. I’ve kept myself busy, having started my new job and learning the new programs involved in being part of that team. I came up with a D&D campaign which is sitting in some dusty, unattended corner of my mind. Dissonance in Harmony is once again on InkShares as part of a contest it’s nowhere near winning, though I’m still working on it anyway because I’m the little writer that could (not quite get published very often just yet). I’m also handwriting a story for the first time in forever, but that’s all very top-secret and whatever.

Oh, and I got engaged to an entirely remarkable woman who settled (and who will argue that she did not settle, which is very kind of her). I could have lead with that, but I like holding off for a little and then making people have their eyes bug out of their head. It’s really quite delightful. (Both being engaged and making people look like cartoon characters.) I’m all kinds of happy and excited, and she is all kinds of happy and excited, and so that has been a very wonderful source of…well, happiness. Obviously.

For anyone who is going through some sort of shock from not enjoying (hah) my writing, I’ve remained somewhat active with MaverickFilm.

Basically, all is well in the world even though I’m busy. More Misadventures to follow. Meanwhile, I hope all is well in your respective corners of the world, and that though things have been iffy you all have something that keeps you keeping on.


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