Writing, and gloom-induced gloom

I love rainy days, but only so long as I can spend them at home. I realize that’s a bit of a tall order as I have to be at work on most-such days. That said: I love laying on the couch in the back room of my mom’s house and listen to the rain fall against the two skylights. Really dislodges the bullshit from my brain.

That said, I’m tired of the sky being a joyless gray as of late. I could easily attribute that to the dark days of a Trump Presidency (and, Hell, I am really, because he’s a thin-skinned, orange-faced puppet with a bad habit of taking to Twitter). They’re bringing me down.

Something more cheerful, however: I completed the first draft of Babel, Restored – the sequel to Dissonance in Harmony and what I wrote for NaNoWriMo. I’ve returned to working on Dissonance. It’s fun, but I can’t help but smile at the realization I’m probably unintentionally shitting up continuity without realizing it. The editing process should be…interesting. 

Back to the gloom, though, because this is a bit disjointed and I am a touch sleep-deprived. (I woke up at 5a.m. today and my body said ‘go back to sleep’ while my brain said ‘guess who is awake for the day’.) I’m finally getting tired of the silly, endless scrolling I seem to do on Facebook. I share too much junk, get too caught up in other people’s bullshit, and tend to realize too late I’ve wasted time when I should be furthering personal goals (like, I don’t know, working on becoming a published author). My reasoning that I use it to promote my work doesn’t hold enough water. The people who will support my writing would do so regardless of my presence on Facebook, and those who can’t be bothered won’t. If anything, dealing with people who are eager to see support of their art but are unwilling to share that support has taken too much of a toll as well. Maybe, at some point, I’ll get rid of Facebook, keep Messenger around, or who knows.

Meanwhile: Pokemon Sun and Moon, as time permits, are lovely. I’d strongly recommend them to any fans who haven’t had time to get them yet.

This post has meandered on long enough, as I need to get back to working on Dissonance. Happy nearly-Wednesday (where it’s applicable, at least).

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