Eating Halo Top Vanilla Bean feels like the adult equivalent of eating paste

Sure, that’s a long-ass title, but it’s catchier than my usual go-to of indicating I’m not dead, that I’ve not forgotten I have a WordPress, or some pop culture reference. Related: how the Hell do I have 18 drafts? I need to do some belated spring cleaning.

The Halo Top, for the record, isn’t half bad, but it has a weird consistency – just to set the record straight.

“What’s new in the land of Phil’s Misadventures in Fiction (and life)?” asks no one in particular. 

The first full draft of Dissonance in Harmony, that book I tried to shill through Inkshares without even a small measure of success, has been completed. Hooray! It took me long enough, and honestly there were some times I wanted to throw my laptop clear into the fires of Mount Doom. It happened, though. The long, painful road of proofreading, editing, and adjusting will wait, however, because I don’t feel like turning that brief moment of success into a potent amount of self-loathing. On a similar note: I managed to knock the R and = keys off of my laptop’s keyboard because I’m a clumsy, lumbering simpleton who can’t have nice things without invariably damaging them.

With that in mind, I am presently a golem of frustration, lacking in direction. I have multiple novel-length projects hanging out, each at some level of imcompleteness (which may not be a word, but it should be). I try to focus on writing a story and my brain seizes up. I try to work on an existing document and my brain turns to goo. This post is thanks, entirely, to those things. I figure I’ll probably find that spark of madness that helps drive me sooner or later. Otherwise, I’ll need to force myself to get to working on Dissonance some more so it’s closer to being an actual book.

I’m getting married in 30 days, assuming she doesn’t come to her senses prior to that point. While I’m looking forward to the celebrating and whatnot, I’m far more excited for the road trip to our honeymoon and the subsequent adventures in our new life together. I could gush about this quite a bit, but instead I’ll leave a promise of sharing pictures and move along. Mostly because the longer I talk about my wedding day, the more certain I am I will not have gotten everything done on time because I’m a disorganized mess cleverly disguised as a moderately disorganized person.

Seriously, though – my future wife and soon-to-be-stepdaughter are wonderful and I love them to the moon and back (several round-trips to the moon and back, in fact).

I continue to keep on keepin’ on at work, having taken on a Senior role in the department I work in. I applied for, interviewed for, and successfully did not get the position I have wanted since starting at this company, but a second chance has presented itself. If it pans out, that’s excellent. If not, there’s always next time. I’m doing something new where I try to not agonize over this every waking second because I’m told that shit’s not healthy.

American Gods turned out to be a much better series on Starz than I could have possibly anticipated, and if you’re on the fence you should go read my reviews over on (the most recent review, which covers the season 1 finale, is here, but I would strongly suggest reading all of the other things MaverickFilm has to offer as well).

Come back some time in December when I next think to log in and post something, unless I get off my ass and do so sooner.


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