The excitement of a writing breakthrough

Short and simple post ahead, which is probably a nice change of pace from my usual, rambling entries (which are still amazing anyway).  I am very happy to say my bit of writing for the day ended up being a small, but strong, bit of work towards “Joshua’s Nightmares”.

As it stands now, I’ve reached a solid ending point for Chapter 1.  We’ll see how much I like it in the morning, of course, but any progress at this point is good progress as far as I’m concerned.  Now for a bit of nightly reading and relaxing.

Manufacturing landscapes

Let me start by saying this much: this is my second to last week at my first-ever job, and it has been quite busy.  I finished my second of three 3p.m. to 10p.m. shifts in a row, which is a lot more tiring than I’d expected, and so writing’s been minimal at best.  Really minimal at best.  There’s an idea, drifting about in my brain, for a short horror story.

That much out of the way?  Good.  Thank god.  I hate whiny, personal-blog-stuff me.

I built a very large chunk of the world in “Joshua’s Nightmares” tonight at work (in my trusty red Moleskine notebook, actually).  It’s evolving into this big, amazing, surreal thing that I’m slowly falling in love with, which is dangerous for a writer because there’s always the risk it’s actually not nearly as good as I think it is.  However, I do have the good fortune of getting universally positive feedback so far.

Building worlds, when my brain permits such activities, is one of my favorite bits of writing (the top favorite being writing villains, which may very well get an entire series of posts dedicated to it and by may very well I mean it actually just will).  Sometimes the environment takes a backseat, like with Death at Teatime.  The location was irrelevant in the grand scheme of things, so there were just little glimpses of it with the bigger focus on the characters.

There’s just a tremendous joy in building something massive out of what could’ve started as a tiny detail, one little point in a vast landscape, and just going from there.

The Sleep State of “Joshua’s Nightmares” is turning into this massive, and hopefully highly-varied, mix of different locations that I hope will encompass the vast, bizarre realm of dreaming quite well.  A taste, just to tease readers of my blog with: there’s an entire landscape that exists in the sky of this world, linked to dreams about flying and such.

At any rate, I hope to get some writing done should I survive the remainder of the week.  And by the remainder of the week I mean the insane sale that’s going on tomorrow and Friday.

Chapter 1, drafted!

I am very excited to say, especially with how today went so horribly at work, I have completed the first draft of Chapter 1 of “Joshua’s Nightmares”.  Despite feeling very-much drained after an exciting 7-to-3 drag at work, I found some inspiration in a good dinner, and a bottle of Pennsylvania Dutch Birch Beer (I suspect the secret ingredient is pure, undiluted happiness), and wrote away.

There are a few points I’m a little iffy on with the chapter already, but I’m letting it have at least one day of peace before I even consider doing major edits.

My biggest problem at this point is wanting to get to certain characters who aren’t quite important to the plot just yet, because I love me some good, ol’-fashioned, truly bad-to-the-bone villains.

This progress is especially nice as it follows the news of my final interview for the new job I’ve been working towards, and so this week will end with even more craziness for me.

What this means is more writing to happen soon, more energy towards this work, and hopefully some pieces I can share on here eventually, perhaps, as means of stealing further interest in this fledgling novel.

PS: I’m also happy to be back to posting under the Joshua’s Nightmare Updates category, even if it’s no longer accurate with the working title (but, really, I’m not about to split hairs; huzzah for progress!).

A tremendous night of writing

I’m pleased to say I finally feel like I’ve pushed past some big barriers in regards to writing/working on Joshua’s Nightmares.  And, for the first time, I was able to bring life to two characters who really needed written.

I know, I know.  That’s an awful lot of vague for one post.  I’ll share eventually. 

Oh, and this post was in no way an excuse for me to post from my phone.  Except it really was.

Google, thou art a villain

I mean, Google isn’t really a villain in the sense I want to mean.  The just-tied-a-woman-to-railroad-tracks-while-twirling-a-handlebar-mustache kind of villain is the kind I want to mean, by the way.

What I do mean is Google is the purveyor of information that can, and often will, make you feel a little unoriginal.  I’m almost 100% sure this isn’t just my standard, run-of-the-mill crazy rearing its ugly head (or heads, because I’m fairly certain that much crazy can only be contained in a hydra).  For every amazing, fun, new, whatever sort of idea that crops up, there seems to be something almost identical (even if only in name) somewhere in Google’s search results.

Surely, Phil, you must have an example in mind…right?  Right indeed, me-asking-myself-a-question-to-elaborate-on-my-point (side-note: I’m not sorry for all the hyphenated phrases in this post; not even a little).  A good deal of my creative efforts and energies will be going towards Joshua’s Nightmare, or that novel (that needs a better name, I think) that resulted in this blog becoming a thing.  I’m finally coming up with bits of a world I feel is a bit better than its original incarnation of “all the stuff located in your dreams”.  That could get awfully Freudian awfully fast, and I’d rather keep this from becoming some sort of erotic horror.

However, I feel like the only possible solution to this is to push past the urge to accept any similar results on Google as being defeated as completely unoriginal.  Mainly because it’s possible to argue that no idea is truly, completely original (no, I will not go into that, thank you very much), but also largely in part to knowing it’s possible to take something and make it my own anyway.

Tonight’s goals…not met. And I’m kind of okay with that.

Didn’t meet the five pages goal for today, which is something I have mixed feelings about.  A good friend of mine pointed out the obvious problem of having to put my mind to it and be in the right mood to get things done, which helped a little.  I did, however, get distracted by Supernatural returning tonight.  As a quick aside: isn’t Mark Sheppard just the most lovably loathsome king of Hell?  Makes me want to reread Good Omens.

On the other hand, not making as much progress as I’d wanted makes Phil a frustrated writer.  I did get a start on “The Watchmaker’s Apprentice” (it’s a tentative title) and that’s off to a good start.  I’ll be working on that until I go to bed tonight, I think.

I’ve also decided on the first piece I’m posting here first.  It’s only a title idea and bits and pieces to go with it right now, but the idea happened at work today.  I bought a pack of iD gum (I’m a bit of a gum addict, and I generally am not without a pack while at work) before my shift started, and the artwork on the pack really caught my eye.  I’d kept a few of the previous packs, and had taken a real liking to one depicting a large tentacle with a small, yellow bird sitting on its end.

Some point in the near future, hopefully for the enjoyment of my followers and any lurkers out there (or people who just happen upon this blog), I’ll be posting “Admiral Canary and The Colossus”.

To say “to hell with tonight’s goal” or not, that is the question.

And it’s a difficult question to answer, I’ve found, because it’s the sort of mentality that leads me into my weird, non-writing funks which get me nowhere but bored.

A bored Phil is not a good sort of Phil to have around.

However, the trouble, I think, comes largely from this: I have a short story floating around in my brain from a couple weeks ago that needs some love.  I may say that’s my five pages for the night and just see what happens with “Joshua’s Nightmare” (which will get love regardless because I had what I feel are some pretty cool ideas at work).  I’ve got another short story title idea in mind and I may just make it

Also, just taking a moment to say “hi” to the new followers, because I totally didn’t expect to log on and see new followers.