Keeping it simple

Tonight’s post will be short, a little sleepy, and at the very early stages of being sick. Or perhaps I just described myself. Probably that.

Anyone who has seen The Blacklist and not told me I need to watch it immediately: shame on all of you! To those of you who have not yet seen The Blacklist, but enjoy good action-comedy blendings with all sorts of other emotional stuff: season one is on Netflix. I’ve been watching it a fair bit in my free time and I love everything. The character dynamics are fun, the plot twists and turns in ways that aren’t entirely unpredictable while still being tremendously fun to watch, and the writing is a beautiful blend of humor, drama, action, and so much more.

Seriously, go watch it. You’ll thank me later, probably.

13 thoughts on “Keeping it simple

  1. I’ve been hiding from the cold everyone else has for weeks, but it finally got me today. Working from home + slow work day + lightheaded = productivity disaster

    I watched the Blacklist last year for a while, but I got tired of the “terrorists disguised as FBI agents and ambushing the hero” trope getting trotted out episode after episode. These are some seriously stupid heroes who keep falling for the same gag. Also, I don’t like the disposable nature of the unbilled characters. To much indiscriminate killing that doesn’t seem to weigh on anyone. I don’t mind violent content at all, but death should mean something. James Spader is the mad bomb in it though. It’s a cool show, but it’s not my taste.

  2. You have caused me a problem, my friend. I was intent on starting my fifth rematch of Parks and Recreation via Netflix, but wife was looking over my shoulder as I read. I am a speed reader, but unfortunately, so is my wife. Now, I am starting The Blacklist.

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