A breakfast of champions

Not to be mistaken for Breakfast of Champions, which I haven’t read in years and now suddenly find myself wanting to find and reread. Not even sort of the point of this post. And now a pause for the appropriate number of gasps incited by today’s post happening before 10pm or later. Only the appropriate number, however; I’ll have no excessive or exaggerated signs of shock on my posts, thank you very much.

This is a food post, entirely and apologetically. I’ve been trying to cook more lately instead of opting to go out for dinner, which is just as well since it’s less expensive to throw together ingredients in the hopes it will transform into something mostly edible (I’m working at about a 75% success rate here, so I’m going to say I’ve been doing something right). I really enjoy cooking, if only because it gives me a chance to revert to the days I spent dreaming of being a mad scientist. There are, quite sadly, far fewer robots involved in cooking meals, but I’ll think of a way to change that up sooner or later.

It’s still sort of morning at the point I’m typing this (it was even closer to still being morning when I made my breakfast, and since that’s what I’m focusing on it probably validates my previous statements a little). My typical approach to breakfast is either getting a bowl of cereal or “Oh, shit. I forgot to eat again”. Sometimes, when they are available, I’ll have waffles or something easy to make by the laziest of people, and I’m clearly not talking about the homemade kind so much as the stuff-in-the-toaster-and-hope-they-don’t-go-all-charcoal ones. Today, however, I decided to treat myself. I’ve always been quite fond of dippy eggs, but I only tried making them recently and figured I’d take another shot at it.

Dippy eggs and toast. No points for plating techniques, though.

Dippy eggs and toast. No points for plating techniques, though.

I broke out my treasured, albeit somewhat beaten up, cast iron skillet and set to work. A bit of careful maneuvering later, these happened. I lost a good few of the spices I’d been buying since moving to the Altoona-ish area (fairly sure I threw them out thanks to careless packing on my part), and so I recently decided to shell out some money on some replacements. Pictured: sea salt, pepper, and a few sprinkles of cayenne. I am by no means an exceptional cook, what with last night’s quasi-failed experiment still in mind, but it acts as a fun exercise in creating new things. So far, at least, my recipeless cooking has yielded better successes than it has horrible mistakes, but I feel like statements such as that are only just begging to be met with unfortunate results.

At any rate, I’ve got an opinion piece to rewrite before I fall back into having no motivation to write.

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